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Subtypes: Moxlet

Moxyns, also fondly referred to as Moxies, are an extremely flashy and social species. They do best in large clans or cities and require socialization to flourish. They’re naturally creative, often skilled at all different types of arts. They love showing off and often compete in and/or watch cooking, crafting and beauty contests. However, their interests are nearly endless. It’s common for moxyns to have very showy features like big wings, sparkles, horns and all sorts of other traits! Moxyns do not have toes, but their wings are prehensile and they can hold things and emote with them.

Although moxyns don’t have to eat or drink they love to cook and consider it an art. They gather resources containing moon energy or sun energy and cook them together in a delicious way. A lot of moxyns enjoy eating but some find it unnecessary. Cooking contests are common!

Moxyns develop halos that hover over their heads as they discover what they like to do. They can change depending on the moxyn’s interest or stay the same forever! They can also change placement and float over the ear, wing, tail or wrists. Moxyns that don’t have a halo are often lost, lonesome, sick or just not interested in anything in particular. Moxyns need to be in company with other moxyns to have the halo show up. As they’re alone for longer and longer the halo slowly fades away.

Moxyns who spend a long time isolated without any company, get corrupted by enemy magic or experience large amounts of hatred towards other moxyns and vexyns become fallen. Fallen moxyns cannot have halos. They develop abomination blight which seeps from their eyes and cracks in their body. The blight is contagious and can corrupt other beings. Fallen moxyns are consumed by negative feelings and are aggressive towards other forms of life. They can no longer absorb moon energy so they rely on predation. Their colours normally dull and fade to grey. Fallen moxyns that have been fallen for a long time become completely grey and develop more and more cracks in their body until they become moondust and are reabsorbed by Lunerest. Fallen xyns cannot use their original magic and will turn to corruption magic. It's black and gooey and quickly corrupts/kills anything that's exposed to it for a long time.

Moxyns live 100-150 lunar cycles (years). When they start to reach the end of their lifespan their halo starts to fade away even if they are surrounded by love. They typically know when their time is and usually go off with their loved ones to enjoy their final night. They turn into moondust and are reabsorbed by the moons.

All moxyns are able to breathe an element of some kind! Not having breath magic is very rare.

All moxyns can use breath magic and levitate objects at a basic magic level. Moxyns who choose to study their magic can often develop elemental features on their body due to high concentrations of magic.

Moxyns study magic at academies quite like university where they attend classes.

Moxyns hold frequent events to compete in contests or just show off their crafts. Certain moxyns can broadcast these events through their magic to special stones that create a sort of holographic-screen. (Moxyn TV, it’s a combination of astral and lightning magic).

Moxyns are genderless! They reproduce by sharing breath. They’ll cuddle up close and breathe near each other’s noses and the vapours that seep out create an egg. The vapours are only produced when the moxyns are comfortable and have intense feelings of love for each other.
However, it is rare for moxyns to be monogamous, they are known to flit between partners. Moxyns frequently engage in social grooming.

Baby moxyns are known as moxlets. They have tiny wings, nubby horns and beady eyes. They are incredibly clingy to their parents and will screech at unbearable volumes if they get lost. This helps them be found but can also attract predators. They cannot fly or use magic until they’re at least 10 years old. They are typically cared for by their parents until 10 years old when they can defend themselves reasonably. Some moxyns take longer to mature. Moxlets get energy transferred to them through their parents’ horns. They cannot absorb/consume moon energy on their own until at least 5 years old. Baby vexyns are the same, but take about 15 years to mature on average. They’re known as vexlets. They don’t get their fangs until about 7 years old. Until moxlets/vexlets are mature, they will not develop a halo.



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Subtypes: Vexlet

Vexyns are very similar to moxyns!

A subspecies of moxyns, vexyns are bulkier, not as flashy and are more powerful. There are enemy species that roam Lunerest, seeking to take up the moon rivers and shard supplies. Some are predators of xyns and some are parasitic. Moxyns often commission vexyns to go out and hunt the enemy species and bring back coveted materials. Vexyns are also extremely social so they appreciate the company of moxyns. Vexyns also cannot use certain types of magic such as soothe, dark or astral. They rely on moxyns for healing.

Moxyns and vexyns can crossbreed.

While moxyns are outwardly emotional, vexyns are less so.

Vexyns enjoy the thrill of the hunt and often compete in strength contests.

Moxyns typically have fur and luxiourious manes but vexyns have belly and/or chest scales and have spiky mohawks. They always have elongated fangs unlike moxyns.



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Subtypes: Pixlet

These small, druidic creatures are responsible for growing the plantlife around Lunerest and controlling the weather. They don't have halos, instead they have antennae that they channel their magic through! They have stubby legs and long pointy ears usually. Pixyns can't do any form of offensive magic and they aren't very strong so they rely on shapeshifting into plants as their defense. Their magic includes controlling weather, growing plants and plant shapeshifting.

Pixyns are naturally shy, but once befriended are boisterous and outgoing. They absorb moon and sunlight like other xyns but often love to eat.


Subtypes: Mixlet
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