Created: 2 March 2022, 19:45:44 EST
Last updated: 29 August 2023, 09:39:29 EDT

When you obtain a Lunerest species, you are agreeing to all of these rules. If you do not follow these rules you are subject to being blacklisted, your Lunerest CS will be voided of their Lunerest status and you will not be able to participate in the group anymore.

General Rules:
-You don't have to own a Lunerest species to join the group!
-Be nice! Harassment/putting down other members is absolutely not tolerated.
-These are closed species which means you cannot make your own unless you own a MYO slot.
-Always respect each other!
-You may take commissions or trade for group currency and items.
-You may not sell any in-game currency or items for any real world currency (USD/Euro/etc).

-Hateful/Inappropriate/Offensive art will not be tolerated or accepted.
-Mature content must be put under the mature filter.
-You may make YCHs, F2U or P2U bases for the community.

-Payment must be received within 48 hours unless discussed prior to the sale.
-Please note the seller about payment plans before autobuying or purchasing.
-Sales are final, refunds will not be provided.
-Sellers have the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.
-You may resell any Lunerest design for any value EXCEPT designs won from raffles held by the community.
-You may not sell ARPG items for real life currency.
-Always credit the artist for the design.
-If you have a xyn based on another design the xyn form must be traded with the original design if they were to be traded.

-You may give your design alternate/non-canon forms or turn them into other species (as long as you have a MYO slot/permission!)
-You may make minor changes to the design such as swapping a trait or doing minor colour alterations, but they must be recognizable as the original design.
-If you want to do a complete design overhaul there is an item in the Charm Shop for that, however, the original design will be donated back to the group to be raffled or used as a prize.
-You may use the design for personal/nonprofit businesses, use it as a fursona, use it on other sites or gift/trade the design.

-You may resell myos for any value.
-MYOs and MYO slots are tradable.
-MYOs based on another design/character must be sold/traded along with the character they're originally based on.

-Minor offenses will result in a warning and you will be reminded of the rules and TOS.
-Depending on severity, you will be given a strike/temporary ban/full ban.
-Death threats, harassment and chargebacks will all result in an immediate ban.
-Scamming/cheating will result in a temporary ban upon the first offense, subsequent offenses will result in being permanently banned.
-If you are blacklisted all of your Lunerest characters will be voided from the masterlists and you will be banned from the group and website.
-Claiming ignorance is not a defense, you will be held to all rules when you own a Lunerest species.
-MODS CAN ISSUE BANS! Respect them.