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Lunerestian Magic

There are 11 known elements that exist in Lunerest:

Fire: A passionate, wild element. Xyns with fire magic can do things such as control fire, melt objects in their paws, use heat vision, or heal with soothingly warm flames.
Xyns with the fire element are known to be lively and passionate.

Water: A fluid and malleable element. Xyns with water magic can do things like blast water, breathe underwater, create bubbles or create healing water.
Xyns with the water element are known to be intuitive and easygoing.

Earth: A sturdy and mighty element. Xyns with earth magic can do things like create earthquakes, throw earth and rocks, shape landscapes or create rockslides.
Xyns with the earth element are known to be grounded and reliable.

Wind: A dynamic and ever-changing element. Xyns with wind magic can do things like whip up razor-like winds, propel themselves faster, amplify their voice and surf upon the winds.
Xyns with the wind element are known to be adventurous and curious.

Lightning: An intense and direct element. Xyns with lightning magic can do things such as generate electricity, summon lightning strikes, manipulate magnetism and minorly control plasma.
Xyns with the lightning element are known to be precise and disciplined.

Ice: A frigid and solid element. Xyns with ice magic can do things like create ice and snow, remove warmth, freeze things or create pressure.
Xyns with the ice element are known to be solitary and analytical.

Soothe: A cozy and healing element. Xyns with soothe magic can do things like heal, enchant, pacify, calm and minorly influence other xyns' emotions.
Xyns with the soothe element are known to be motherly and gentle.

Dark: A quiet and calculating element. Xyns with dark magic can do things like manipulate shadows, go invisible, remove light and dispel others' magic.
Xyns with the dark element are known to be calculating and introspective.

Astral: A mysterious and ethereal element. Xyns with astral magic directly interact with the cosmos to do things like predict the future, move the stars, summon blessings and create minor illusions.
Xyns with astral magic are known to be observant and thoughtful.

Nature: The element of life itself. Pixyns primarily use this element, the only other users being mixyns.
Pixyns can encourage growth, heal, manipulate the weather and communicate with plants.
Xyns with nature magic are known to be nurturing and humble.

Corruption: The file is stamped "FORBIDDEN".

A xyn's element has minor influence over their personality.
Magic varies a lot between xyns, so you don't have to limit yourself to the above examples of what magic can do! It can do anything within reason.

Breath Magic

All xyns have access to the use of breath magic from a special organ in their chest known as the magicavea. This organ is intertwined with their breathing system making their breath weapon closely linked to their breathing. Control and precision over a xyn's breath weapon requires mastery over one's breath.

A xyn's breath magic is one of their most powerful tools so xyns are often taught from a young age to control their breath and practice.

When emotional, a xyn's element can leak out in their breath (ex: breathing fire when breathing heavily, sighing flower petals, etc).
It's considered extremely rude in xyn culture to intentionally blow one's breath magic in another xyn's face.

Knights go through intensive training to learn to combine their breath magic with other xyns. This is an extremely powerful attack strategy but requires coordinated breathing and a bit of time to charge up.
Combining breath magic is a difficult, precise feat, but extremely impressive to pull off. Xyns who get along well often have an easier time combining breath magic.

Magical Items

There are a variety of magical items in Lunerest, some being pretty common and others being rare or forbidden.
Xyns often use magical items to help them do things or simply as beautiful decorations like enchanted accessories.

forbidden magic

Corruption magic is considered forbidden in Lunerest. Many of the tomes and information relating to corruption magic is kept locked deep within the catacombs of Moonreach. Xyns caught practicing corruption magic will have a bounty put upon them and be chased down by knights. Punishment varies.