Created: 27 July 2023, 10:53:54 EDT
Last updated: 2 September 2023, 10:31:35 EDT

Frequently Asked Questions


-What species are xyns similar to?

Xyns are unlike any other species, they are intended to be sort of like canine x dragons (vexyns are big cats x dragons).
As a general guide, moxyns are like medium-large dogs, vexyns are like saber-tooth cats and pixyns are like corgis!
For anatomy/inspiration, they are sort of like neopets or my little ponies. More information on xyn biology here.

-What's up with their feet? Do they have hooves?

Xyns do not have hooves by default, they have soft-squishy feet with one round pawpad on the bottom! They do not normally have toes as their magic/wings allow them to handle things with ease.

-What do the magical elements do? What is each element capable of?

I intentionally leave the elements vague because I encourage creativity! Your xyn can have whatever powers they want as long as it makes sense with the magic.

YES- your xyn heals via dark magic- they use a special "shadow stitch" to heal wounds and corruption.
NO- your xyn's fire magic is able to make things wet/damp.

Moxyns can use all magic except nature.
Vexyns can only use elemental magic (fire/water/wind/earth/lightning/ice).
Pixyns can only use nature magic.
Mixyns can use whatever mix of magic their parents can use (for example- a moxyn + vexyn mixyn could use any magic except nature).

-So Lunerest is pitch-black all the time since it's night most of the time?

-Lunerest takes place at night but the moons and stars are extra bright so it's not completely dark! Many xyns use magical lights, halos glow, etc.

-Can I combine traits?

-Yes, you can freely combine traits! No item necessary.

-Can I make a mixyn with a MYO slot?

-No, mixyns are only available via breeding or sales.

-Can I alter my xynlet's patterns/colours/etc when growing them up?

-Yep! They don't really have to look like their xynlet forms. Xynlets are meant to be simple and grow into more beautiful, extravagant xyns.

-Can I make edits to my xyn's design? Do I need an item?

-For minor edits like changing their hairstyle or changing a few markings- no item required.
-For major edits/overhauls you would need the REROLL item from the shop.

-Can xyns move their halos?

-Yes! Xyns can have their halos hover over whatever part of their body they'd like. Often families or lovers will have their halos in the same place to show closeness.

-Can I use [single piece of artwork] for [prompt A] and [raffle/prompt B/etc]?

-No! We do not allow double-dipping, each art piece may only be claimed for one reward.