Breeding Guide

Created: 2 March 2022, 19:48:23 EST
Last updated: 1 October 2023, 08:53:09 EDT


Xyns can breed with each other regardless of species or gender.
[Note: Inbreeding is not allowed, xyns who are related to each other are unable to produce an egg.]
Xyns don't technically have a gender and they do not reproduce traditionally. They "share breath" and create a vapour that is only able to be created if they're experiencing intense love and comfort. They lean in close to each other and the vapours mix creating an egg! The egg is two colours, one from each parent and can have any pattern on them! If you're lucky and the parents are different species, there is a rare chance to get a mixyn (a mix between both species that have traits from both).

In order to breed your xyns you will need one jar of vapour item which can be purchased from either the Charm Shop or Moonstone Shop.


The higher the rarity of the trait, the less likely the trait is to be passed down.
If both parents have a trait of the same rarity in the same category (for example, they both have "limited" horns) that rarity of trait is guaranteed.

Getting your egg
Once you have your jar of vapour, please submit a claim with this form:
(*NOTE: you must have permission from the person who's xyn you are using, please provide the proof via screenshot when submitting a claim.)

Parent 1: (Link masterlist entry +permission if not you)
Parent 2: (Link masterlist entry +permission if not you)
Breeding Items Used: (Just put none or N/A if you're not using any)


Designing Your Xynlet

One of the mods will create a MYO slot for you with the traits your moxlet/vexlet/pixlet/mixlet.
Baby xyns can only be 3 colours total- if your xyn was from a breeding and not from a gacha egg, then the 3 colours should be from the parents.
The colours from the parents don't have to be exact and can just be similar! (So if one parent has dark blue, you can use a slightly lighter or darker shade of dark blue.)

Examples of babies:

Exceptions to the 3-colour rule: "extra" traits such as floral growth, gemstones, etc.

(Example moxlet by nopalrabbit showing gemstone growth).



-Can I use two xyns I don't own?
Yes, but you must have permission from each person.

-Can I transfer my jar of vapour?

-Can I charge/trade for slots to my xyn?

-Can baby xyns do prompts?
Moxlets/Vexlets/Pixlets can only do growth prompts as the main character. They may be included as extra characters in prompts but only earn +1 charm for being included.