Displays as: 0 Charms
Held by: Users

Xyns exchange charms for goods and services! Charms are little trinkets that are shaped from meteorite. The different colours have different value! Yellow being the most valuable, green being the middle valuable and blue being the least valuable. They're generally star or heart shaped, but some are just chunks of rock. They're translucent and sparkly.

Colourshrooms (October)

Displays as: 0 Colourshrooms
Held by: Users

Brighthollow Banquet Currency!

Crystal Petals (April)

Displays as: 0 Crystal Petals
Held by: Users

Crystalbud Gala Currency!

Drops of Rainbow (March)

Displays as: 0 Drops of Rainbow
Held by: Users

Rainbowstorm Renaissance Currency!

Everblooms (May)

Displays as: 0 Everblooms
Held by: Users

Luckflower Ball Currency!

Fairy Dust (July)

Displays as: 0 Fairy Dust
Held by: Users

Wildwhim Soiree Currency!

Flamebits (November)

Displays as: 0 Flamebits
Held by: Users

Cozyhearth Gathering Currency!

Galaxy Drachma (GD)

Displays as: 0 Galaxy Drachma
Held by: Users

A mysterious coin that shimmers and reflects colours of the galaxy.
Gained by checking in with the calendar every day!

Half Leaves (September)

Displays as: 0 Half Leaves
Held by: Users

Leafdusk Fete Currency!

Ice Coins (January)

Displays as: 0 Ice Coins
Held by: Users

Frostfall Festival currency!

Love Shards (February)

Displays as: 0 Love Shards
Held by: Users

Gemheart Faire Currency!

Lunar Gildes

Displays as: 0 Lunar Gildes
Held by: Users

Strange, nightsky gildes from a dimensional event.


Displays as: 0 Moonstones
Held by: Users

remium currency! These can be bought with USD or obtained in events. They're perfectly circular rainbow iridescent spheres.

Pocket Meteors (August)

Displays as: 0 Pocket Meteors
Held by: Users

Meteorwind Reception Currency!

Snow Silvers (December)

Displays as: 0 Snow Silvers
Held by: Users

Snowlight Bash Currency!

Special Event Coins

Displays as: 0 Special Event Coins
Held by: Users

Star Pieces (June)

Displays as: 0 Star Pieces
Held by: Users

Starshine Carousal Currency!

Total Breeding Permissions (Breeding Permissions)

Displays as: 0 Breeding Permissions
Held by: Characters

The total number of breeding permissions a given character is allowed.

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