Beginner's Guide

Created: 5 March 2022, 17:55:43 EST
Last updated: 27 December 2023, 12:32:43 EST

Beginner's guide

Welcome to the world of Lunerest! Lunerest is a magical world where the planet is basked in the light of it's three moons. Lunerestrians get their energy source from the moons. On the first of every month the sun comes out and all the Lunerestrians celebrate with the extra energy. Moxyns, Vexyns and Pixyns make up the inhabitnants of Lunerest, they are social creatures who celebrate with huge festivals every month.

getting a character

There are several ways to get lunerestrian characters to participate in the ARPG:

Purchasing a flatsale or auctioned character from our sales page

Purchasing a custom from Key directly (info here)

Participating in one of our draw to enter monthly rafflies through the website

Going to our Charm Shop and grabbing one of the free MYO  Glitterbox (1 per user)

Earning Charms (Lunerests main currency) by drawing gift art and creating a MYO (make your own)

Purchasing Moonstones (Lunerest's premium currency, info here) and creating a MYO 

Earing Charms and purchasing a Gatcha Egg (the baby version of lunerestrians) and creating a MYO

Clicking our Daily Advent and purchasing a MYO from Calliope's shop

Buying a MYO

All players can get one free MYO by going to the charm shop and purchasing the MYO Glitterbox.

MYO coins in the Charm shop are all common and you need to purchase trait stickers for uncommon or rare traits. Visit the Design Guide for more information!

Gatcha Eggs are baby Xyns. You can choose between a Moxyn, Vexyn or Pixyn. Your design must contain only the three colors that the egg have. After you grow them up you may add more colors to their design. See more about designing Gatcha eggs HERE.

Participating in lunerest

There is lots to do in lunerest, there are general prompts, breeding prompts, raffles, alchemy, monthly events and more! Once you have have a character you can edit their profile. You can buy myo coins and trait stickers from the charm shop, or special potions and companions from the event shop! 

Submitting to the gallery! 

Post your lunerest themed art in our galleries! There are sub-folders for different kinds of art including registration sheets! Registration sheets are a fun way to introduce your character to the group, the template is here. Registration sheets are not mandatory and you can use your character's masterlist art, but you can submit them as a claim for charms if you have drawn the art yourself.

Submitting Prompts!

You can find prompts under the "World" navigation bar! There are differernt categories: General prompts, Event prompts, Growth prompts, Vapour prompts and the Knight Quests.  General prompts are a great way to develop your characters and earn charms. Event prompts are for Lunerest's monthly holidays and how you earn Event Currency. Growth prompts are for growing up your moxlet, vexlet or pixlet. Vapour prompts is where you earn vapour to breed your xyns.  The Royal Knight and Lullay Knight Quests are how you can earn rank for your character. 

Read more about the prompts by clicking the "Show Details" text. Submit prompts via the "Submit" button on the prompt itself or in the upper right corner "Submit" button on the navigation bar. 

When Submitting prompts put the link to the artwork or prose in the URL box,and in the comments write in any bonuses you've earned. Add the characters by clicking "Add Character" and entering their masterlist Codes into the boxes. Hit Submit and you're done!

Submitting Claims!

You can earn charms for non-prompt art by submitting a claim.  Submit a claim by hitting the "Submit" button on the top right of the navigation bar and select "Submit Claim". From there it works the same way as submitting a prompt: Enter the URL of the artwork or prose in the URL box and in the comments write in any bonuses you've earned. Add the characters by clicking "Add Character" and entering their masterlist Codes into the boxes. Hit Submit and you're done!


Moxlets/Vexlets/Pixlets can only do growth prompts as the main character. They may be included as extra characters in prompts but only earn +1 charm for being included.