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What is Lunerest?

Lunerest is a place that can only be accessed through supernatural abilities. It’s another dimension where primarily moxyns, vexyns and pixyns live. It can be accessed by dimension-hopping species but xyns are unable to dimension hop themselves without the power of certain artifacts. Many aren't too keen on travelling in fear that they will not be able to get back to Lunerest.

Before Ryu and Yuhi, Lunerest was an extremely dangerous place to live. Corruption beasts roamed free throughout the continent, corrupting and consuming anything in their path.
Ryu and Yuhi were born from the stars and grew up together in a small settlement at the time. They struggled to protect their home, losing many friends to the corruption that was threatening to wipe out their settlement. Eventually, they heard a call from the stars themselves, urging them to use the power of the sun to drive back the corruption beasts.

Ryu and Yuhi combined their powers and used the power of one of the sun to bathe lunerest in hallowed light and drive the corruption beasts back into a corner of the continent.
The power of the sun split their horns and tails and drained the sunlit power turning the only sun into another moon.

Lunerest was now a land of darkness, but safer and relatively peaceful. Ryu and Yuhi rallied armies to drive the remaing corruption back and establish several cities around the continent.

The three moons are where xyns get their energy from. Rivers of moonlight, moon shards, moon plants and basking are how xyns primarily get their energy. The sun only comes out once a month and the moxyns typically have a large celebration as they bask in the extra energy.

Xyns build their own towns and cities, they can be urban or rural in structure.


General Lore

All xyns are extremely social and love to celebrate. It's unusual for a xyn to be a recluse, but if they are, they typically become fallen unless they have a close friend. Xyns who are away from other xyns slowly lose their innate magic until they become fallen.

Xyns have a celebration every month! Here is the list:
January: Frostfall Festival
February: Gemheart Faire
March: Rainbowstorm Renaissance
April: Crystalbud Gala
May: Luckflower Ball
June: Starshine Carousal
July: Wildwhim Soiree
August: Meteorwind Reception
September: Leafdusk Fete
October: Brighthollow Banquet
November: Cozyhearth Gathering
December: Snowlight Bash

They usually don't refer to the month by the name, they usually call it "Time of the (celebration going on)". So February would be referred to as Time of the Gemheart Faire.

Xyns have their own zodiac signs, but they are interested in other forms of zodiac! Even if it's not true to their personalities, a lot of them enjoy following the stars as a hobby.

Xyns CAN be born outside of Lunerest. Usually parents that are travellers will take their eggs with them. Xyns born outside of Lunerest are received with amazement and intrigue.
Xyns born in Lunerest refer to themselves as Lunestrian, xyns born outside of Lunerest refer to themselves as Star-Born.
Xyns usually cannot hatch without their parents magic, but there have been a few rare cases of other creatures figuring out how to hatch a Xyn Egg.