Design Guide

Created: 1 April 2022, 23:19:21 EDT
Last updated: 18 June 2023, 12:14:29 EDT


Xyns are winged creatures with feet that have single paw pads on each foot. Moxyns and Vexyns both have Halos and Horns. Halos can be hidden at will. Horns are Moxyns and Vexyn's source of magic, Xyns who do not have horns cannot use magic. Pixyns have antennae instead of horns but can only use druidic magic. Pixyns do not have halos. Vexyns always have fangs (upper or lower) (unless they have the rare no-fangs trait) and have belly scales that can go from their belly to their throat (but don't have to).


Rarity Key for the following charts

Moxyns and Vexyns

Horns and Ears







Antennae and Ears

Tails and Wings

Noses and Extras


Moxlets, Vexlets, pixlets and gacha eggs

Moxlets, Vexlets and Pixlets are baby Xyns. They come from eggs when one or more parents has earned enough vapour via prompts or purchasing with moonstones. Xyn'lets only have three colors and dot eyes. Once they grow up they can have more colors and details on them! 
Gacha eggs are bought via charms in the charm store! When you buy an egg, attach it to a claim and one of the mods will send you your randomly colored egg! You can choose which kind of Xyn you make but you must only use those colors until they're grown up.