Created: 12 December 2022, 15:27:39 EST
Last updated: 3 October 2023, 13:14:04 EDT

Key's Custom Information

-Custom Status: CLOSED
-Payment through paypal invoice only
-Contact me via DM on toyhouse (KeyDemon), twitter (mapledkitsune) or discord (tehshleigh#4200)

Custom Xyns:

(Examples of my designs but you can look all throughout the masterlist!)

Full Custom Prices:

A fully custom xyn, no traits or myo slot needed!

-You can provide the traits from your inventory for discounts.
-Patrons get a $5 discount always.
-First 3 revisions are free but more than that could have an extra charge depending on the changes.


$40 all common
$45 all uncommon
$50 all rare
$60 limited/alchemist
$75 hallowed


$30 Babylet Design:

I'll design your gacha/breeding egg!


$40 Babylet Growth:

-A growth of your mox/vex/pixlet!
-No growth prompts needed.


$45 Surprise Design:

 A surprise design where I get to choose traits and no revisions! You provide a moodboard or general theme.