Currency Guide

Created: 2 March 2022, 19:44:41 EST
Last updated: 3 February 2024, 08:53:00 EST


Xyns exchange charms for goods and services! Charms are little trinkets that are shaped from meteorite. The different colours have different value! Yellow being the most valuable, green being the middle valuable and blue being the least valuable. They're generally star or heart shaped, but some are just chunks of rock. They're translucent and sparkly.

How to earn charms:

-Enter prompts!
-Enter events!
-Draw Lunerest species!

General Art Values:

All listed amounts are for fullbody

Headshot/bust reward half the listed amount (except for sketches)


uncoloured sketches: 1 charm
coloured sketches: 2 charms


Lined Drawings:

lined drawing: 2 charms
lined and colored drawing: 4 charms

+4 for background
+2 per extra xyn (yours)
+3 per extra xyn (not yours)
+1 for shading (by character)

Moxlets/Vexlets/Pixlets can only do growth prompts as the main character. They may be included as extra characters in prompts but only earn +1 charm for being included.



simple animation: 3 charms
complex animation: 6 charms

+4 for background
+2 per extra xyn (yours)
+3 per extra xyn (not yours)


Other Media

3D digital art: 5 charms

Sculpture: 16 charms

Plush: 16 charms



Writing: 1 charm per 75 words


*None of the above values apply to event prompts, they have their own values written at the end of prompts.
*Collabs will reward half of the total currency to each participant; If the number is odd, round up.
*You may use a maximum of 4 companions for bonuses in prompts.
*You may claim companion bonuses in written prompts, but they must have a significant role and cannot just be one-off mentioned.
*Charms are transferable between users.
*Moxlets/Vexlets do not earn charms (unless drawn as extra character in a prompt; see above), but can be drawn for fun.

Premium currency! These can be bought with USD or obtained in events. They're perfectly circular rainbow iridescent spheres.

$5 USD = 10 moonstones
$25 USD = 55 moonstones
$50 USD = 120 moonstones

Moonstones are transferable but CANNOT be resold for any type of real life currency.


*As a reminder, art pieces cannot be claimed for multiple prompts/claims, you may only claim currency on an art piece once.